AGJ is the first village where this project was piloted and is the focus of the PhD research due to the consistent interaction Seher has had with the community since 2007. This community of craftswomen makes our signature thread jewellery and other accessories all conceived as part of this project. 

A series of parallel workshops were undertaken. Product development workshops that helped sustain the project, including fair payments for the women's precious time and effort. Second, research focused yet craft based workshops that also helped to implement empowerment. For example, still-life drawing with stitch, interactions with Seher's hand woven pieces which helped to build the confidence of the women in their own abilities, and also learning more about the artisans through their craft. It also encouraged the women towards design thinking and design decision-making based on their own traditional technique and pattern to evolve traditional craft practices not replace them.

We started with small simple briefs then gradually with every subsequent design workshop over the years, built it up to the stunning accessories you see today. We work with about 35 artisans in the village at present (yet steadily growing), making this our largest community of makers. Our chats and tea sessions include many sensitive social issues which offer an insight into the way the community lead their lives traditionally.

Our gallery below has pictures of most women from the community during workshops or daily activities and gradually we are building our collection and adding details. Find out more about your favourite artisan (hover cursor over image after clicking).