*** S jo now at the iconic V&A! ***

I am thrilled to announce our original design jewellery is now available to buy from the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum shop in South Kensington, London! A symbol of art and design inspiration for so many of us who spent hours drawing in its halls as design students! 

For S jo it all started from various craft exchanges through our partner project Threads of the Indus, an amazing relationship of friendship and craftsmanship, from simple pendant necklaces in 2010 gradually built upon to the stunning statement pieces today!

...And while I settle in tackling my PhD corrections here is a taster: 

My research findings showed the potential of creative empowerment as a powerful medium towards social change. Learning by doing or making in this case was pivotal in social empowerment of the community as it changed mindsets and thinking, the most important aspect of development and empowerment. Not only did the women feel liberated with the co-creation and co-design aspect of the work but the process of arriving at design ideas and solutions makes them feel more confident in other aspects of their social life.

One great example is there is no more domestic violence towards women in the community. Where beating women was once commonplace, the women are standing up for themselves as they gain self-esteem and feel value. Over lunch during our September (2015) workshops, G. Zohra described how they went about it, 'we explained calmly to the men (once their anger cooled down) that there should be no beating and that the women deserve to be treated with respect and have rights!'

I hope you enjoy the special selection available at the V&A! 

Back to writing for now!

Seher x

Founder S jo