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Make your own statement 


Stack or mix different necklaces and earrings for your own unique style

Original unique handcrafted accessories

WATCH behind the scenes S jo Resort 2017 Photoshoot!

S jo jewellery as seen at the   V&A   shop!

S jo jewellery as seen at the V&A shop!

S jo cushions as seen in World of Interiors Magazine!

Learn more about our work   Threads of the Indus     project

Learn more about our work Threads of the Indus project

Works with design-led PhD research and development project 'Threads of the Indus'

Rethinking empowerment perspectives and strategies through making

S jo was conceived as part of an ideology that interconnects fashion, craft, culture and development in a new relationship system across different disciplines



A share of our profits goes into the Community Fund. This is set up to raise money for the three main issues that face the community; water, health and education. Water issues range from clean drinking water free from lead to floods that destroy crops. Severe illness and conditions that require specialised medical attention is only available through private sector hospitals in the cities. The quality of education and, access to higher education is limited. We would like to create a better standard of life and opportunities available to the communities where we work. 

You can get involved and contribute directly to any of these causes through our community fund.